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This ball is perfect for training your balance, core strength and flexibility. It helps improve your body's coordination and stability while maximizing core muscle strength and endurance. Used in gym, studio and home. It can help you with postpartum pelvic floor muscle repair and restore a perfect figure.

Made of soft and environmentally friendly materials, which are safe and non-toxic, you can use them with confidence, wear-resistant and durable.

Size: 25 cm

Color: Black




29.00 ₪מחיר
Expected to shipped out for delivery AUGUST 10th 2024
  • כדור OVER BALL(אובר בול) מקצועי ובעל גמישות. מעולה לפילאטיס, יוגה, פיזיותרפיה ועוד. מתאים גם לשיעורי צפיפות העצם.
    קוטר: 25 ס"מ

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