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Joy of Missing Out

JoMO represents the idea of doing what is really important for you. It's about not letting social media pressure define your actions and choices. Prioritize things that you are passionate about.

Embrace JoMO lifestyle and do what you like and want enjoying the present.


JoMO Shop.

JoMO is a premium fitness equipment shop online. 

Made by high end materials and quality.

Designed  to use whether you're at home or in the gym, our equipment is guaranteed to bring some fun and energy to your workout.

What are JoMO weights?

JoMO weights add a constant but comfortable resistance to your workout also proven to increase heart rate, burn fat, and build muscle.

You can add them to any workout from yoga to running, boxing, barre, pilates, and dance.

For men, women, young, and old.

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